So you’ve scored a second date, good for you. You’ve definitely made a good impression. Before the relief washes over you, you have to think ahead on what your date’s expectations are and how you could possibly keep the good thing you have going on. Here are a few good tips to further your connection on the second date.

#1 Go together.
During your first date, you may have agreed to just meet on a specific  hot Russian ladies  place and time. But now that you are heading into your second one, it would be best to walk into your date together. Pick her up or get picked up.

#2 Never be late.
This is applicable to ALL dates. Don’t let your date get sour because you kept them waiting.

#3 Get touchy-feely.
Flirty touches always has that magic “touch” of bringing people together, so find excuses to keep close with your date. Build the chemistry with gentle caresses. But don’t overdo it!

#4 Bring a simple gift.
Although not mandatory, bring a simple token lets your date know that you’ve put careful thought into giving them something just because you want to. It shows that you’ve been thinking about them. Pick up something inexpensive and personal.

#5 Touch up on the first date.
Talk lightly about the first date to refresh each other’s memory. Talk about your feelings and the things you enjoyed about the date. It will remind you both how much you have enjoyed the first date and why you both decided to have the second one.

#6 Ask more.
The first date is an avenue to know someone on the surface. The second date allows you to know them more deeply, so it is appropriate to ask questions and clarify doubts on the second date.

#7 Don’t get too personal.
In relation to #6, avoid asking too many personal questions though. gorgeous Russian women   Although the chemistry may be electrifying, your date may still be uncomfortable raveling his/her entire life on just your second time together.

#8 Show interest.
Hey, you agreed to see them the second time around. Surely, something about your date piqued your interest. Give them your full attention and they should do the same to you- it’s what you both deserve.

#9 Go dutch.
The norm is, whoever initiated the first date can be expected to pay. But going out on a second date is a conscious agreement that you both want to continue seeing each other. It is just but right to split the bill on the second date, so offer to pay your half.

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